Your lawyer and notary in Bern, Biel, Langenthal and Niederbipp


Law office

The specialist attorneys at law at Bracher & Partner are at your disposal to answer all your legal questions, provide competent advice and represent you in court.

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Notary's office

Our notary's office can advise you on all notarial matters, in particular company law, marriage and inheritance law as well as real estate issues.

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Management consultancy

The law firm Bracher & Partner supports small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as well as municipalities and associations in strategic and operational matters. Thanks to our own notary's office, we are also able to implement the measures in a very concrete way.

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In the administrative department we offer comprehensive services for companies, clubs and associations. From the external management of the board of directors or foundation board secretariat to the management of associations. We will provide you with professional support.

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Bracher & Partner: What makes us a strong partner.

The law firm Bracher & Partner can count on experienced attorneys at law and other proven specialists in the fields of law, notary services, management consultancy and administration. People of action who carry out all tasks competently, practically and efficiently – thanks also to our ISO-certified quality management system. The focus is always on the objectives and requirements of our clients. Regardless of whether it is a matter of supporting a legal case, providing notarial services or undertaking tasks in one of the service areas such as management consultancy or administration. We also use our large network to serve the interests of our clients.

Bracher & Partner invests in the future with the training and further education of skilled personnel. Four lawyers and a KV (Swiss Association of Commercial Employees) trainee are comprehensively prepared for their professional practice at all four of our locations in Bern, Biel, Langenthal and Niederbipp.

Bracher & Partner is up to date and uses digital media in a targeted and effective way.

Natural persons as well as companies, associations and foundations benefit from the services provided on the basis of our values of client focus, attractiveness, goal orientation and networking. Everyone receives comprehensive advice and support.

Can I?

Effortlessly navigating the law on "Energy Mein Morgen":

Once a week, attorney at law Dr Sarah Schläppi answers the everyday and not so everyday legal questions of the Radio Energy Community.

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Can I use a mobile phone at the level crossing barrier?

Can I sue the postman if he leaves my parcel on the doorstep and it is stolen?

Can the boss cancel an employee's holiday at short notice?

Can women use the men's toilet?

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