Comprehensive notarial services.

In Bern, Biel, Langenthal and Niederbipp.

The notary's office Manuela Zimmermann is at your disposal for all notarial services in corporate, marriage and inheritance law as well as in real estate matters. The same applies to the establishment of a new company, a merger, a spin-off or the founding of a subsidiary.

Marriage and inheritance contract

Whether it’s for a consultation or even with regard to implementation: our notary's office will show you what options you have when it comes to marrying or making provisions for death.

Other services include the drafting of a will or an advance care directive. The advice is always individual and based on clients' various life situations. Rules create clarity and help to avoid conflicts in already difficult and emotional situations.

Real estate

We advise and assist you in the purchase or sale of your property by drawing up the necessary contracts and assisting in obtaining documents and information.

A land sale or a land purchase requires several steps. For example, the drafting of the land purchase agreement, the drawing up of a mortgage certificate, the establishment of an easement (usufruct, right of abode, etc.) if necessary, or parcelling in the case of the construction of a condominium. The notary's office of Bracher & Partner will advise you and carry out the necessary notarisations including registration at the land registry for you.

Company foundation or restructuring

We advise you on the establishment of your company, whether it is a stock corporation (AG) or a limited liability company (GmbH), or support you in your plans for restructuring.

In addition to advising you on the establishment of a new company, a merger, a spin-off or the founding of a subsidiary, etc., we can also implement your plans thanks to our Bern notary's office. Our notary's office offers all services in the field of commercial and corporate law and is experienced in the implementation of complex structures.

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