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In Bern, Biel, Langenthal, Niederbipp and Thun.

Our specialist attorneys at Bracher & Partner cover numerous fields of law. This makes it possible to provide comprehensive advice and representation from one source for you as a private individual or for companies, municipalities and associations. In addition to conventional legal advice, forensic work, i.e. representation before authorities or in court, is of great importance to us.


Whether as an employee or as an employer, questions always arise in connection with labour law. Our specialist attorneys in Bern, Biel, Langenthal and Niederbipp offer you quick and uncomplicated solutions.

From checking a job reference to the question of termination without notice or drawing up an employment contract for a member of management – we offer you the necessary support. Should legal disputes arise despite every effort, we will represent you both before the arbitration authority and in court.

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Debt enforcement and bankruptcy

Claiming outstanding payments is a laborious process with many pitfalls. The team at Bracher & Partner submits a request for arbitration or institutes proceedings if required. It might be necessary to avoid debt enforcement or bankruptcy.

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Data protection

Data protection is on everyone's lips, both at national and European level. Our experts will advise you and show you which processes you may need to optimise in order to comply with data protection regulations.

We will draw up a data protection declaration for your website and help you, for example, to handle digital application dossiers.

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Marriage, partnership and inheritance

A separation or a divorce is a difficult period of life. Our divorce attorney will support you carefully through this period of life. Please find more information about separation and divorce in our guide.

With a prenuptial agreement and/or inheritance contract, special arrangements can be made which are important to you. Whether it is because you live in a patchwork family or because you want to donate part of your assets to a charitable institution. Arrangements also make sense in the case of a registered partnership or cohabitation. The attorneys at our law firm will advise you individually and offer you a tailor-made solution, which we can also implement through our notary's office.

Let us advise you, then you can decide on a contract as early as possible. Because: arrangements can be worked out together so that they can be applied in the event of a dispute and no further emotional arguments arise.

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Real estate, construction and planning

Both as a building owner and as a building contractor, legal questions regularly arise in connection with building and planning law. What must a building application look like? Has the contract for work been drawn up correctly? Did the general contractor draw up the contract in my interest? Thanks to our practical experience in the construction industry, we can advise and represent you competently and at first hand and also implement the resulting contracts through our in-house notary's office.

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IT and Legal Tech

Contracts where payment is made in a crypto currency are, for example, smart contracts, blockchains, etc. Such new technologies require protection and security in order to be used in legal transactions. We work closely with IT companies and can offer you tailor-made solutions.

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Brand and image

Whether the website, a picture or the company name – whoever registers a trademark trusts that it will be protected. It is often not entirely clear whether one is actually entitled to protection and, if so, how this protection can be enforced. The team at Bracher & Partner will advise you and enforce a claim.

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Renting and letting

Have you received an invoice for additional costs which is too high? Do you want to give notice to the tenant because you need the apartment for your own use? We will help you to examine the matter and take the right steps.

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Migration and asylum

The migration law and asylum law experts at Bracher & Partner will support you in your concerns in connection with questions of residence law in Switzerland.

People come to Switzerland for all kinds of reasons. Be it to work here or because war has broken out in their home country. These reasons trigger different procedures. Our attorneys in Bern, Biel, Langenthal and Niederbipp will help you in dealing with the authorities and submitting applications.

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Criminal law

In criminal defence, but also in victim representation, the first steps are the most important. It is therefore worthwhile to seek legal advice before the first contact with the law enforcement agency and to define a strategy for action. The same applies if your company has been harmed by external person or internal employees. The attorneys in our law firm will help you to investigate the facts of the case and – if necessary and reasonable – to file a criminal complaint.

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Business and economy

Our attorneys at law in the Bern, Biel, Langenthal and Niederbipp offices advise you in all areas of business law. This applies to the formation of a company (in particular a stock corporation and a limited liability company), a merger, a spin-off or the establishment of a subsidiary. But we also advise you on restructuring. Thanks to our notary's office we not only give advice, but also implement what is planned.

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In the event of a temporary inability to work or permanent disability, insurance companies (disability insurance, liability insurance, etc.) become important partners. The claims are not always assessed equally by both parties. The attorneys at Bracher & Partner can support you and draw on a large network of specialists (e.g. doctors).

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Contracts and general terms and conditions

We conclude contracts almost every day, be it a purchase contract in a shopping centre or a transport contract when buying a train ticket. But in very few cases are we aware of the rights and obligations that result from this.

Swiss law recognises a wide variety of contracts. Bracher & Partner prepares or reviews contracts for you. We also assist you during contract negotiations. Should it be necessary, we will enforce a claim from a contract in court for you.

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Lawyers’ rates

As a rule, the lawyer charges according to the time spent or a flat fee is agreed. The circumstances and complexity of the case are taken into account. 

If you have legal expenses insurance, all you need to do in advance is request a confirmation of cover and authorisation for a free choice of lawyer from your insurance company. 
The costs will be discussed in the first meeting with the lawyer from Bracher & Partner.

At Bracher & Partner, you will receive a detailed bill on a quarterly basis. If you have any questions about the bill, please call us.